Youbesh Dhaubhadel

Youbesh Dhaubadhel

About Me

Youbesh Dhaubhadel is a rising Junior majoring in Business & Economics at the University of Idaho. He is an MIT Innovation and Leadership Bootcamp Alum and Watson Scholar who has spent some time learning and practicing the fundamentals of social entrepreneurship and worked with a diverse team of professionals from different fields and pitching into finals in the boot camps. Very briefly he likes to call himself as a minimal capturer through the eyes of a professional sightseer, an explorer with a Camera strolling around, creating music for the eye.

Similarly, his interest spans from entrepreneurship, business, economics investment, and finance to photography and multimedia. He is an open book, a very keen learner at the core and an explorer who doesn’t sets a boundary for learning and seeks to excel in every avenue he sets his foot transcending boundaries. A dynamic leader and a public speaker a the same time. He has been one of the young members to promote and flourish the Toastmasters movement in Nepal starting at the age of 18 demonstrating exceptional leadership skills and aiding to mentor several members and clubs in Kathmandu. He has been part of one of the reality tv shows producing documentaries to promote tourism in Nepal called Imagine Nepal and has a strong background in photography. He is known for his photography and his skills on media. Know more about him on his website: